Terms and conditions

Shopping conditions

The selection of a product Our customer has an opportunity to choose and order from the products of our webshop. The customer should only click on the product to see a baggier distinctive about the product. If the customer has decided to buy the product, the product, that is wanted to be bought, can be placed to a virtual shopping basket by clicking on “To my basket”If you click on “Preview”,, you can take a look at the list of products, that were choosen to buy, the price of the products, their payable total price and the cost of transport. The customer can also control, whether the order is correct or not, having a special regard on the prices and amounts, which can be modified, corrigate as the customer whishes. The shopping calculates automatically the total price of the customer’s order. Sending the order If the you are sure, the quantity of products in the basket and their total price are correct and you have decided to buy the product/products, just click on simply “Cash desk” button. After this you will have the possibility to choose, whether you would like to login as a registered customer or you want to register as a new customer, or maybe you would like to buy without registration. If had already bought something previously in our webshop, you can provide us your sooner used e-mail address and password. If you would like to register as a new customer, please provide us your neccesary contact informations to realize the shopping, so that these datas can be safed in our system. Due to this, next time if you want to buy something, all you need to do is to log in. If you want to buy without registration, please provide us your billing address and transport address. The next step is to choose the relevant transport type (personal takeover or delivery service or MPL), and the payment method (pay by cash on delivery, by creditcard, by bank transfer, by Paypal or by cash) If you agree with the content of your order, then click on “Order” button to validate your order and send it us. Prices Our prices are the valid prices at the moment of the order, that can be found in the webshop next to the products. The prices are gross prices, they contain the VAT, but these prices do not contain the cost of transport. The cost of transport is visible during the payment process, before fimalizing the order and it is also visible among the purchase conditions. If you happen to experience any error in the webshop in connection with the products or their prices, we maintainthe right of the correction. In such a case, after realizing and corrigating the error, we will immadiately inform the customer about the new datas. After this the customer once more the possibility the order to finalize or to cancel it and ignore toe contract.

The order’s process:

The processing of the orders takes usually 24 hours. The opportunity of the data input mistakes: In order to corrigate the data input mistakes, you have the possibility to modify them before clicking on the “Order” button. Acknowledgement About each and every order will be sent an e-mail to acknowlede it. That means, that the customer will receive an automaticly generated e-mail about receiving the order sent by the customer and later one more e-mail will be sent to the customer about the date and time, when the order should be transported to the customer. In case of a telephonic negotiation, please call the helpdesk or one of the phonumbers provided in the e-mail. Payment conditions In our webshop there is an opportunity to pay by bank transfer, credit card, personal repeipt or delivery transport. In case of delivery transport the customer has to pay for the product and the costs of transport by cash at the time of the receipt to the deliverer. The transport The products are delivered by delivery service. The transportation time is provided by the webshop during the payment process and it is also contained in the acknowledging e-mail. Transportation method: Delivery service Delivery time: Dependending on the time of the order, it takes 2-3 workdays Transportation prices: we insure free delivery inside the framework of an opening promotion. The action is valid until withdrawal. Transporting to foreign countries and its details: Inside the EU, the same conditions concern all countries, but, depending on from which from our depositories the delivery happens, the delivery time may change. The acknowledging implies the expected transportation time. The cancellation of transport In case the webshop does not redeem the obligatory in the contract because of the lack of the product ordered in the contract, and the ordered service lies not in its power to supply, the webshop is bound to inform the customer about this. The webshop does not make a contract with underages. The customer declares about being fullage by aprroving the trade-related conditions. The sending back of any product We take back any product only in its original state and packaging, in complete quantitative and qualitative status only. Information concerning the conditions of making a contract The language of the contract is Hungarian, the made contract is qualified as a written one. The existing contract will be filed and can be accessible subsequently. Discontinuing right/ restitution guarantee The customer can discontinue, withdraw from the contract within eight workdays. The customer has the right of withdrawing from the contract, from that day on which the product was received. The seller is bound to repay the sum paid by the customer within thirty days after the discontinuing. The customer has to pay the whole amount of the expenses occurring to the restitution of the merchandised product because of the restitution. The customer does not have any further expense. The seller can demand the reimbursement of the harm that happened because of not proper usage. If the restitutioned product according to the discontinuing right is not in unobjectionable condition, to be sold again, in that case the customer is bound to pay award to the seller, if the decay, the ruin of the product or its hamstringed restitution was caused by the customer maliciously or because of wilful negligence. If the customer realizes that the product is damaged during the attendence of that person who delivered the product (postal deliverer, courier), and it is certified that the corruption happened before the receiving of the product, we guarantee the restitution of the product and the cancellation of the customer’s order. Any kind of damage or lack of content during the product’s delivery has to be recorded in a report between the deliverer and the receiver. We cannot take reponsibility for any kind of follow-up deficiency or corruption. The text according to the discontinuing right, relevant to the 17./1999. decree, is accessible for the public and it can be downloaded from the homepage of the National Advisory Board For Customer Protection. Stipulate of property law The transported product stays in the property of the seller until the full payment of the product. In case of wrong, non-standard orders the product will be registered under the name of the new owner (customer) and after the newer successful realization of the sales procedure, the customer becomes the owner of the product. The adjustment and cancellation of the order According to the respective provisions of act CVIII. of 2001, at the time of the finalized order the seller sends immediately an acknowledgement to the customer about the fact of the order’s registration in the webshop. This notification does not qualify as a valid contract between the seller and the customer! This is just to note to the customer that the customer’s purchase order request was registered by our system and it was forwarded to our responsible colleague. If the product does not receive the ordered product within 48 hours, the customer’s obligation for request terminate. The seller gives the possibility to the customer until the finalization of the order, to revocate the order written in an electronical way. At the beginning of finalizing the order procedure, the customer receives a confirmation e-mail about the interval of the finalization of the order and about the fact that the finalization of the customer’s order has begun. After this, the only way to withdraw the order is to provide the withdrawal to the seller using the contact informations under the “Contacts” menu. The follow-up modification is only valid, if it has been requested in a written form, in an e-mail.