Why Click4GO ?

ecological-imgCLICK4GO is recognized as a wise solution to protect the environment. Our bike gives you the possibility to prefer and use the renewable energy sources while charging your bike. With this eco-logical green mobility, we not only provide a form of transportation that keeps people healthier, but also preserves the environment for the next generations. CLICK4GO requires low maintenance, and its operation is cost-effective. We believe that Click4Go is designed to bring its owner many years of enjoyable use.

no-limitYou can avoid stucking in traffic jams, and don’t need to worry about parking any more. With Click4Go you can easily reach difficultly accessible places without taking risk to leave your favourite and pricy bike on the street. It can easily fit to the escalator or any staircase.

why-portableIn a few seconds you can close or open the bike, so that you can transport it in a carrier, on the bus, tram, train and in a minute you can use it without any special phisical effort anywhere.

why-hightech We have selected the most modern materials and created a great balance between being sturdily built and lightweight enough for a fast and easy ride. For the frame we chose aerometal, reinforced frame and serious suspension which is light and has extraordinary parametres. We use Li-ion battery, which is one of the most popular type of rechargeable batteries. It is much lighter, has more capacity than the other ones, and has only slow loss of charge. You can recharge it to 70% in an hour, totally in two hours. The wheels are light and very stable and have a unique size, the best for any transportation! With 12” wheels it perfect for carrying, easiest in the market. Click4Go has excellently efficient disc brakes.

It is crucial for us to comply by the different regulations of each country. Differences may be especially significant between countries inside and outside the EU. Therefore Click4Go bikes have a built in safety switch, so they can be adjusted according to the regulation of your country or the place of use.

It only takes a matter of seconds to fold and unfold the bike, and doesn’t require any special physical effort from you – ideal for those moments when you reach the station and can see the train pulling in.

Click4Go delivers convenience and great riding comfort, suited to most terrains and weather types.

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On the Road


Do you like to take your family, get into your motorhome and just hit the road?

Travelling with a motorhome seems very convenient – you stop and sleep whenever and wherever you want. But if you have to park inside a – usually crowded – camping area, how do you find a good spot the stop your vehicle? Or if you arrive to an unfamiliar place, it could take some time to find the best stores or restaurants, if you go on foot.

Instead walking around for hours, just take your C4G bike out from the trunk (it has the size of a bigger suitcase, when folded), and get to know the town in a few minutes!

In the City


After you got off, all you have to do is hop on your bike and you will be in your workplace in no time! Don’t worry about getting exhausted by the time you arrive, all C4G bikes are equipped with an electric assistance system, which makes your ride extremely easy.

There is also no need to worry about the bike being stolen – you can carry it with yourself to your office, and recharge the battery next to your desk.

Are you a commuter? Click4Go can make your daily back-and-forth to work much more convenient. Thanks to its small folding size (61×27,5×81 cm) C4G bikes can be easily carried on long distance buses or trains.

In The Warehouse


The bike can be folded in a few seconds, but while open, it is still small enough to fit in most of the elevators.

Click4Go offers solution for those working in huge warehouses or factories, and often have to move between the different sectors – while moving inside one of these huge halls itself poses a challenge.

With a C4G you can save the time of walking around, so your working day will be more efficient.

At the Seaside


Are you in love with the sea? Still, during a sailing trip there are certain occasions when you must leave the boat. Click4Go can make it easier and faster for you! With the folding size of only 61×27,5×81 cm, C4G fits easily to any boat, and makes it incredibly fast to get out from the marina and into the town!

Imagine, that instead of walking for half an hour, you can reach the fish market within a few minutes.

After a long, exhausting day, you can take a small tour to the nearby small town without much extra effort.

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